Water Cooled High Pressure Roots Blower

Water Cooled High Pressure Roots Blower

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Single stage of pressure upto 1.0 kg/cm2 

Double stage of pressure upto 2.0 kg/cm2 

Single stage of vacuum to -0.8 kg/cm2 

Can be air cooled under pressure -0.80 kg/cm2 

Capacity of single stage upto 49476 m3/hr, that is 29120 cfm 

Medium transferred: air & gas ( biogas/ coal gas/ so2/hydrogen etc unstabe gases)



  • High flow capacity to 49476 m3/hr of single stage.
  • High pressure to 1.0 kg/cm2 of single stage.
  • High vacuum to -0.8 kg/cm2 of single stage.
  • Oil-free transfer
  • Technical customization (pressure, capacity, size, alternative accessories).
  • Strict QC system; Over 10 years blower body service life; 12 months warranty.
  • Assembled using state-of-the-art CNC machine; Equipped with Gates belts, SKF bearings, TTO oil seal
  • High precision make fewer friction between rotors, rotor & case.
  • Prompt delivery time: within 2 weeks. Timely online service: response within 1 workday.
  • Flexible payment terms. Special discount 3% for regular customers.
  • Much quieter: effectively reduce noise by 5 dBA.
  • Delivery oil and dust free air.
  • Lower noise:Pressure pluses are the major noise source in blowers. Huadong roots blower design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.
  • Lower energy consumption:Our roots blower are designed to control backflow pressure to the rotor in order to reduce energy consumption.
  • Longer life:Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life. 



Roots Blower
27 to 49476
Pressure difference
0.1 to 1.0
Bore Dia.
2 to 32


Vacuum Pump

51.6 to 8178
Pressure difference
0.1 to 0.8
Bore Dia.
2 to 12

Multi-stage Centrifugal Blower Fan

3300 to 30000
Pressure difference
0.3 to 1.5

Airus Blower ( Huadong Blower Company) Roots Blower Factory


All of our Roots Blower, Rotary Lobe Blower, Roots Air Compressor, Roots Vacuum Pumps are made under state-of-art technologies by CNC machines.


The Airus Blower ( Huadong Blower) contains Roots Air Blower, Roots Gas Blower, Roots vacuum pump, Rotary lobe blower, Roots air compressor, Twin lobe rotary blower, Tri lobe rotary blower.

The blowers and vacuum pumps are widely used in various fields, wastewater treatment plant, stp/etp, aquaculture, biogas, coal gas, cement plant, steel plant, power plant, pneumatic conveying system etc.

Airus blowers ( Huadong Blower) has attended many exhibitions all over the world, our roots blowers and multistage centrifugal blower fans satisfy our clients all the time.

Airus Huadong Blower Sales Team, all of us are always ready to offer each of our customers professional service at any project you need.


Contact me for robust and efficient roots blowers and multistage centrifugal blower fans.

Our blowers capacity are much higher and pressure/vacuum also. Following are data of single stage roots blower and roots vacuum pump fyi.

Pressure can reach 1.0 kg/cm2, capacity can reach 49476 cmh.

Vacuum can reach to 0.8 kgf/cm2, capacity can reach 8178 cmh

double stage pressure can reach 2.0 kg/cm2.